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Import Tiles from India - A Complete Guide

Posted on 2023-01-22 07:16:28

How to Import Tiles from India? A Complete Guide

In these recent years, it has been observed that there was a varied growth in the tile industry of India as it has grown somewhere around 17% per annum. There is no doubt that India has been labeled as one of the main leading countries when it comes to the export as well as the import of tiles.

While producing tiles for the customers, every manufacturer ensures that they deliver products with quality finishing. On the other hand, for secure delivery of the tiles, the parceling experts shoulder the responsibility of packing the content so that the tiles can be exported globally and thus can be imported to global parts of the world. This is why we have jotted down all the essential points that should be taken into consideration when it comes to the import of tiles.

Procedure to Import tiles from India

The followings are the detailed specifications that should be carried out to carefully ensure a safe importing of tiles. : -

Tiles specifications bringing out business

It has been said that the main product segment in the world of tile industry is floor tile, wall tiles, industry tile segments, and such where they respectively hold the market shares of 28%, 23%, and 9%. Apart from this, porcelain tiles are something whose demand is immensely growing over the years.

Furthermore, in terms of the variety of patterns, India is considered the main exporter of Porcelain Tiles, Wood Look Tiles, and Digital Ceramic tiles. So, to achieve major success in this tile industry, try importing the mentioned type of tiles.

#1 Tiles types

According to a conducted survey, it has been observed that the following types of tiles are offered by the leading tile manufacturers in India. :-

A. Ceramic tiles -
  • Ceramic floor tiles
  • Ceramic digital wall tiles
  • Regular ceramic tiles

B. Vitrified Tiles / Porcelain Tiles -
  • Outdoor Tiles
  • Soluble Salt Nano tile
  • Step riser tile
  • Double charge tile
  • Wooden tile
  • Glazed Porcelain tiles (Glazed Vitrified Tiles)
  • Polished Glazed Porcelain tiles (Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles)
  • Pavement tile
  • Full Body tile

#2 Selecting the right supplier or manufacturer

Choosing the right supplier or manufacturer for importing tiles from India is as crucial as selecting the type of tile that you want to import as there are very fraudsters that are looking for opportunities to conduct illegal activities and loot you. To prevent such an incident, you must consider the following things. :-
  • The right manufacturer here will be someone who is well experienced and has been exporting tiles for many years. Ikonic Ceramica is someone who can cater to all the needs of clientele effectively.
  • After selecting a manufacturer, carefully give a detailed reading to the website of the manufacturer and if any doubts arise, asking the clearing out the queries is a must.
  • Look for an authorized exporter who will have the CE or ISO certification and if nothing related to this is published on their website, ask them about the same
  • Hunting down the right tile manufacturers

There are tens and thousands of tile manufacturers scattered all around India that deal with tile manufacturing. One such area is Morbi which is a district in Gujarat and is currently known as being the main hub of the tiling industry. Ikonic Ceramica is one of the leading tile manufacturers which make sure to offer quality service. Glazed Porcelain tiles are the best option to have for office or home. Furthermore, the following are certain considerations that you should keep in mind while sourcing tiles from the Morbi, Gujarat, India.

#3 An authentic quality check

If the quality of the tiles does not meet your expectations, then it is of no use so ensure that the tile that you are opting for buy is strong and durable enough while seems appealing to the eyes. Ikonic Ceramica provide the latest design using state of an art technology. In addition to this, to ensure the quality, check whether or not the tiles can withstand poured water but while you are sitting in another corner of the world, it is not possible to do such tests for which you can ask for video tests from the manufacturer.

#4 Assured shipping

When it comes to assured shipping, the following key points are considerable. -

a. Loading port
Here, the manufacturer shoulders the responsibility of transporting the product from the warehouse to the loading port that is there in the closest region here the transportation costs are mainly included in the FOB or Freight on Board cost.

b. Expense of freight
This implies the whole transportation cost ranging from the loading port to the destination port.

c. Insurance
Here, one needs to ask the manufacturer to carefully pack the tiles and the meantime asks for the insurance of the very products just in case there is any damage or unfortunate loss.

d. Right document delivery
Under this key point, all the legal and required documents are sent to the importer either through DHL or FedEx or even any other preferable courier company where these charges are said to be paid by the importer himself.

#5 Payment mode

In India, the usual payment method that is followed here is depositing 30% of the deal amount in advance while the rest is paid against scan copy of bill of lading documents. Thus, the payment method is the final stage of the entire importing tiles procedure. To complete the importing chain, you can make the payment of the amount in the mode that is feasible for both parties. Some of the modes of payment options that are available widely across the county are Telegraphic transfer(TT) and Letter of Credit(LC). If not that, then you can also opt for visiting the country and conduct paying the amount to the manufacturer in terms of cash personally. Ikonic Ceramica offer convenient options as per client demand. Make sure to check with the manufacturers before finalizing the deal.


Ikonic Ceramica always gives its best in adopting the latest trends when it comes to the tiling market as it understands the concept that tile marketing in a country like India is demanding which makes it the holder of authority in many countries around the world. With the progressive and demanding nature of the tile industry in India, there is no further looking back for this industry. Thus, this is everything that is there to know about how one can import tiles from India.